National Center for Chaplain Development is a nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization which provides practical secular community support and emotional & spiritual assistance to emergency service workers, those in crisis, society and those persons in transition by meeting their needs.

Trained and licensed chaplains will provide counsel, education, advocacy, life improvement skills and recovery training, providing a bridge between the secular and spiritual environments of community life throughout the world.

By definition, a chaplain is simply a "minister in the workplace" which performs a secular purpose. These chaplains are clergy who usually serve in specialized settings such as first responder (law enforcement, EMS, military, etc.) and community (district attorney, schools, hospital, hospice, prisons, corrections, corporations, etc). As specially trained clergy, they seek to encourage others while ministering to the whole person, addressing a person's spiritual, physical and emotional needs. 

Chaplaincy is a bridge where both a secular and spiritual purpose is served within an organization and is a highly specialized ministry. Chaplains operate at the cutting edge where ministry and social structures intersect.

arrow Chaplains are available to all who are suffering, alienated and confused without discrimination.
arrow Chaplains empathetically enter into the crisis, trauma and suffering of others, walking with them in a ministry of purpose, presence and peace with a focus of assisting them towards becoming holistically restored and healthy.
arrow Chaplains provide a caring, human concern in which holistic (physical, emotional, spiritual, cognitive & behavioral) guidance may be provided.
arrow Chaplains are an integral part of a professional team within an organization.

NCCD supports and develops chaplaincy by:

arrow Consulting individuals interested in chaplaincy
arrow Supporting the development of ministry opportunities
arrow Speaking to organizations about chaplaincy ministry
arrow Educating individuals and organizations on secular purposes of chaplains providing various courses



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